Reliance’s Jio Chat is Latest Kid on the Block in Mobile Messenger Apps Market

The instant messaging or mobile messenger apps market, despite being dominated by a few mammoth players, continues to be a fertile ground for innovation. That’s hardly a surprise as the massive pool of billions of current and potential internet users is teeming with opportunities – giving everyone a share of the revenues pie. A leading statistics portal forecasts that by 2017, the global mobile message traffic will soar to a mind-boggling 28.2 trillion.
A case in point would be a new app called Jio chat, which was launched by Indian telecom firm Reliance Jio Infocomm on April 11. The mobile messenger app, which can now be downloaded for both iOS and Android devices, aims to disrupt the current league of powerful players such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Line and Hike (an Indian player).
A visit to the description page of the Jio Chat app on the Google Play Store reveals that the app can connect free of charge anywhere in the world; all it needs is a mobile data or Wi-Fi connection.
Among the add-ons available through the Jio Chat app are all the trappings of the contemporary messaging app: Text messaging, instant video, emoticons, voice chat, video, location- and status-sharing and conferencing. The app also includes a feature wherein users can subscribe to offers from their favorite brands. The latest updates are delivered right to users’ mobiles.
The basic differentiator for Jio Chat, according to its owners, will be its array of unique features that are distinct from that of the competition. 
For instance, Jio Chat offers rich messaging, enhanced privacy options, video conferencing, offline chats, and the option to follow celebs and brands. While the app is not currently available on Windows Phones, it is reported that Reliance is already working on building a compatible version for the OS. It now remains to be seen how successfully Jio is able to break onto the scene.
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