Range of Advantages and Ease of Use are Biggest Factors for Point of Care Data Management Systems Market

Industry Insights

Point of care testing or POCT refers to the medical diagnostics tests carried near out patients or at the site for making immediate clinical decisions. Managements of patients’ test information and recording it for governing compliance have been time consuming tasks for professional in medical sector. Numerous companies have now developed POC data management systems so as to assist medical professionals to overcome different issues or challenges in maintain data records for patients. The global market for point of care data management help in facilitating viewing, storing, and recording medical records of patients from several different point of care devices at the central data management systems. In addition to this, these systems offer a bidirectional interface to both laboratories and hospital professionals on a single platform for the enterprise. The POC management systems provide different features such as keeping record medical records of patients, integration of information with the hospital information systems(HIS), laboratory information systems(LIS), downloading of POCT devices data. POC data management systems has numerous advantages over the manual recording of data such as centralized operator management, constant monitoring of point of care devices, improved work efficiency of testing processes, lesser paperwork, and many more.

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Labs and Hospitals to Expect More Demand

The global market for point of care data management system has been getting a lot of momentum in recent years because of the growing adoption of these POC devices by laboratories and hospitals. Moreover, increasing geriatric population across the globe, increasing awareness among people about the preventive healthcare activities and processes, growing incidences or prevalence of infectious and chronic disorders, and growing demand for point of care testing devices across the globe are some of the other key reasons behind the growth of the global market.

Some of the key companies in the global market are Siemens Healthineers, HemoCue AB, Abbott Laboratories, Radiometer Medical ApS, TELCOR, Inc., Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc., Randox Laboratories Ltd.,

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