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Industry Insights

PVC cling films are those thin polyvinyl films that are used for the purpose of food items packaging  so as to keep them fresh for a longer period of time. PVC cling films come in the form of rolls and that is how they are being sold in the market. PVC cling films are capable of staying tight over the opening of a food container even without an application of adhesive. PVC cling films are microwave safe and quite easy to handle as well. These films do not come with any plasticizer and so they can be re-heated. Absence of any plasticizer renders them environment-friendly. Despite being very thin, PVC cling films are solid and highly durable. Durability is a significant feature of PVC cling films. If the item that is covered with PVC cling films is moved, jostled, tampered with, or dropped in any way, the PVC cling films would still remain strong and protect the product.

The noted manufacturers in the global PVC cling films market that have been profiled in this report comprise names like Reynolds Group Holding Limited., Sigma Stretch Film Corp., Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corp., Intertape Polymer Group Inc., Thong Guan Industries Berhad, and Multi Wrap (PTY) Limited.  Apart these noted players, there are other unrecognized local players who are anticipated to contribute significantly towards the global PVC cling films market.

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Triggered by the collective efforts of these noted market players, the report by Transparency Market Research on global PVC cling films market is expected to rise at 4.5% CAGR over the forecast period, from 2018 to 2028. The market value of global PVC cling films market was estimated around US$659.5 mn in 2018.

Rising Inclination towards Convenience Food Augments Market Growth 

PVC cling films are economical as compared to various other materials like foils and aluminum wraps. PVC cling films also make more space by keeping the items in an organized fashion through consolidation of items. PVC cling films provide flexible packaging solutions, which is aimed at boosting shelf life of the food product. PVC cling films avert spoilage of packaged fresh produce, such as vegetables, fish, fruits, and meat. PVC cling films are oxygen and moisture resistant. Hence, PVC cling films are extensively utilized in different end-use applications such as packaging of fish and meat, biscuits, cheese and various other products.

Numerous local and international food service outlets make use of PVC cling films in bulk. Therefore, the PVC cling films market is projected to have a robust growth rate over the forecast timeframe.

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The global PVC cling films market has experienced robust growth in the last few years due to the rising consumer inclination towards convenient and ready-made food products, mainly because of hectic lifestyles. The rising need for PVC cling films will also generate vast opportunities for the packaging manufacturers to grow along with the market. Food producers are always looking for packaging manufacturers who can offer efficient and high-quality packaging solutions at an economical rate. PVC cling films fulfill such a need. All of these factors are projected to propel global PVC cling films market towards growth.

On the down side, aluminum wraps can act as a bottleneck in the growth of the global PVC cling films market. 

The emerging countries in the Asia Pacific region such as India and China will clock a healthy CAGR over the forecast timeframe in the global PVC cling films market. It is due to the growing demand from the fast food industry. United States is projected to exhibit promising potential in the progress of global PVC cling films market. The growth is mainly attributed to the staggering rise of fast food service outlets and the growing inclination towards ready-to-eat meals in the region.

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