Protein Analyzers Market – Demand for Healthy Food to Drive Growth


The world is witnessing massive changes from number of people inhabiting the earth to lifestyle changes. By 2050, the number of people would be 9.7 billion- an increase of 2 billion from current 7.7 billion. And, with each passing day, it is significant to note, stress levels are growing and daily schedules are getting hectic, credit long work hours and rise of nuclear families, compounded by dual income set-ups. One of the biggest issues that have arisen sue to such a lifestyle is poor diets and that in turn has led to growth in prevalence of a number of health disorders.

As a result, people today are increasingly conscious of what they are feeding their bodies. This has driven consumer preference towards functional foods and beverages. This demand is pushing the food and beverage sector towards production and launch of healthy foods. This is one of the most significant factors of growth in the global protein analyzers market.Growth of Nestle, Coca Cola, McDonald’s and KFC across the globe has given the industry a strong impetus to growth.

Additionally, development of technologically advanced products is also paving way for an increase in demand. One such product is that of Flash 4000/N/protein Analyzer by Thermo Fisher, Inc. which is capable of doing its job in about 7 minutes and this is making it quite popular with beer, fertilizers, meat and milk companies.

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The global protein analyzers market is fragmented owing to presence of a decent number of large companies, which are now facing significant competition from the local and regional ones. Prominent names in the global protein analyzers market’s vendor landscape are Life Technologies, Euro Vector, LECO Corporation, CE Elantech, Inc., VELP Scientifica, and Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc. In order to firm up the control on the market shares, players often opt for aggressive growth strategies.

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