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Proper Diet Can Reduce Mortality Rates in Colorectal Cancer

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Healthy diets can lessen the chances of death resulting from colorectal cancer, revealed a recent study by the American Cancer Society.

At present, there are around 1.4 million colorectal cancer (CRC) survivors in the U.S. Earlier too, studies showed a solid connection between diet patterns and disease outcomes. Those studies also showed that certain postdiagnosis dietary components and prediagnosis dietary components are associated with survival in both women and men afflicted with colorectal cancer.

However, proper examination of dietary patterns to understand the overall quality of diet and its relation to death from CRC or other reasons has been inconsistent. This has made it difficult to suggest diets for CRC survivors based on evidence.

In the latest round of study, the group of scientists spearheaded by Mark A. Guinter who is a post-doctoral fellow at American Cancer Society looked at data gathered from around 2801 women and men who had been ailing from colorectal cancer.

They discovered that diets in the pre and post diagnosis phase were in line with the guidelines laid down by American Cancer Society on Nutrition and Physical Activity for Cancer Prevention. The occurrence of mortality in them from both CRC and other causes was much reduced.

The diets before diagnosis that were in conformation with the suggestions of American Cancer Society brought down the risk of mortality by almost 22.0% as opposed to those who did not follow it. In fact, it was seen that those consuming red meat and other animal products were at a higher risk of CRC death.

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