Portable Gas Chromatograph Market Current Trends and Future Aspect Analysis 2025


Portable gas chromatographer is used to separate and make analysis of substances that are able to vaporize below the temperature of 300 degree celcius. This kind of portable device is mostly used in field operations to quantity amount of substances present in the vapor. The substances are needed to be ion free or pure before the process of gas chromatography. The market for portable gas chromatograph is expected to follow steep growth rate during the forecast period.

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Portable gas chromatograph find its maximum application in food processing, oil and gas and bioscience industries. Government has adopted significant initiatives in gas chromatography technology. The government arranged several type of seminars and conferences to make people aware about the use of gas chromatography technology. Growing demand for fuel and energy, increases demand for gas chromatographer overtime. Government has increased its investment in the energy sector and that eventually help to expand the market in coming years. This device has increasing application in bioscience industries as well. Rising concern in healthcare and growing importance in the study of cells have increased the use of portable gas chromatograph in this segment. These factors help to expand the market for portable gas chromatograph in recent and coming years.

However, portable gas chromatograph are highly expensive as the application of this device is only limited to certain fields. The operation of this device requires skilled professional who possess sound knowledge about gas chromatography. High cost of materials and limited knowledge about this technology act as a restraining factor for the growth prospect of this market. However, government has adopted sincere efforts for the advancement and global implementation of this technology and this is expected to expand the market prospect of global portable gas chromatograph in coming years.

Global portable gas chromatograph market is segmented on the basis of instrument and the segments are system, detectors and auto samplers. Auto sampler held the largest market share and this segment is expected to be the fastest growing segment during the forecast period. This segment is increasingly used in consumable and accessories and this initiates the introduction of sample in an inlet. Manual filling is very common in this segment; however this segment provides better productivity and can perform at lesser time. Hence, efficiency and productivity are some of the important features of this segment. Increased use of integrated gas chromatograph thus helps to expand the market share auto samplers during the forecast period.

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The market for portable gas chromatograph is segmented on the basis of end user industry and the segments are food processing, oil and gas and bioscience. Oil and gas segment held the largest market share. This segments accounts for the largest market share as this device has substantial uses in the field. The on field detector for chemical agent in oil and gas industry is triggering the growth prospect of this device during the forecast period. However, environmental bioscience is expected to be the fastest growing end users segment in this market. Owing to the rising concern of the government for environmental protection and safety, this device has been used for measuring environmental agents in the air thus amplifying the scope of portable gas chromatograph in the market.

According to geographic locations, the market is segmented into five regions such as North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa (MEA) and Latin America. North America held the largest market share owing to rising government concern for environmental protection and safety. This is coupled with huge technological advancement boosts the growth potential of this market during the forecast period.

Some of the key market players include Emerson Electric Co, Siemens AG, ABB Ltd., SRI Instruments, Thermo Fisher Scientific and others.

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