Polyphthalamide Market will Likely Rise to US$ 2.5 Bn by 2027


High-temperature thermoplastics have developed as a quickly developing fragment throughout the years, and keep on staying a ‘hot’ and ‘popular’ innovation in a wide scope of utilizations. Be it to upgrade the life expectancy of oil and gas resources, or a metal-substitution arrangement in the quickly extending car industry, the uses of high-temperature thermoplastics, for example, polyphthalamide, are getting to be unending. With higher short-and long haul warm strength, protection from consuming, substance and radiation obstruction, and unrivaled mechanical properties, polyphthalamides have been earning critical footing, due the way that they can satisfy extraordinary requirements for a wide scope of utilizations.

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Gauging the future opportunistic potential of the polyphthalamide market, Transparency Market Research (TMR), in its latest business intelligence, assesses how this high-temperature-resistant plastic is paving the way for unimagined possibilities in diverse fields. The study also turns the spotlight on riveting insights and in-depth analysis of the polyphthalamide market, which can arm stakeholders with the key facts and statistics of the industry, so as to make winning decisions.

  • History and Future Scope of Polyphthalamide

The commercialization of polyphthalamide (PPA) resin traces back to 1991, and since then, rapid technological advancements have improved the stiffness and creep & fatigue resistance properties of polyphthalamide. The emergence of enhanced resin production technology enabled the manufacturing of a wide range of polymers, including semi-crystalline and amorphous resin. The TMR research analysis indicates an upward trajectory for the sales of polyphthalamide, with its market anticipated to be valued at ~ US$ 1.3 Bn in 2018. As per the study estimates, the sales of polyphthalamide are highly likely to grow in 2019, and beyond, with the market projected to register ~ 2x growth between 2019 and 2027. Additionally, the number of companies vying for a considerable pie of the market is anticipated to pick up pace with each passing year.

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  • Lightweight Auto Components Craze Uplifting Gains

The automotive industry is swiftly replacing metal components with plastics to lessen overall vehicle body weight. In view of the growing traction for lightweight auto components, automakers are increasingly leveraging ways to squeeze higher revenues out of this far-reaching trend. This falls in line with the aromatic nature of polyphthalamide that has been driving its employment over other polyamide products for thermal management applications. With such favorable properties, polyphthalamides are emerging as a promising substitute to metals in the powertrain, by providing a range of benefits that include feature flexibility, weight reduction, and potential for cost reduction.

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