Polymer-based Material to Fix Osteoarthritis-affected Joints


Osteoarthritis refers to a disease marked with the breakdown of underlying bones and joint cartilage. It generally affects hands but it also causes damage to spine, feet and other weight veering joints. Small joints are difficult to fix. However, scientists at the University of Twente, the Netherlands, have come up with a new implant that does not even need invasive surgery.

Generally, joint implants are quite an invasive procedure that is extremely painful and often leads to a long process of recovery. However, it is extremely difficult to treat small joints. Now, the researchers from the University of Twente have discovered a totally new approach. This discovery focuses on a polymer-based material that assists in the preservation of healthy tissue and bones. This mechanism is more beneficial than other conventional techniques.

New Procedure to Offer Quick Recovery Time 

In general, osteoarthritis attacks ageing people more than the younger ones. As people ages, osteoarthritis is likely to become a more serious problem. Age, however, is not the only concern for the prevalence of osteoarthritis. Increasing use of smart devices stresses human joints in most unusual ways. This is increased the number of people suffering from osteoarthritis at quite a young age. Implants are not for the treatment of osteoarthritis but they are far from being ideal.

Existing implants need a largely invasive procedure, which, at times, damages otherwise healthy cartilages and bones. Despite implant, full mobility of the joint is not restored and it causes considerable discomfort to the patient. However, with this newly discovered procedure, things have changed.

This newly invented procedure involves injecting of the implant in a minimally invasive process. This new invention involves researchers from seven European partner institutions from Sweden, the U.K., and Germany. They came up with this polymer-based substance that restores not only preserves the existing tissues but also restores mobility of the existing ones.

Scientists opine that this new procedure will leave a massive impact on society. It will offer people reeling under the pain of osteoarthritis some quick relief. The recovery time is much quicker as it is almost a non-invasive process.

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