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Poke Lunch Bowl: Questions Arise on how healthy are these after Addition of Mixed Ingredients

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Poke bowl, has recently gained an immense popularity owing to its brightly color salad vegies, beans, nutrition full fresh ingredients such as beans, fish, and aesthetically placed seed and grains. Rising health conscious population all across the world owing to rapid urbanization and rise in disposable income have helped the poke bowl or Poke bowl to become instant hit.

On seeing the dish and identifying the ingredients present in the Poke bowl, one can easily understand the fact that it is rich source of nutrients with low calories. But recently, the Poke bowl business has quite gone off the track. Poke bowl are mostly enjoyed in Hawaii with raw diced fish like kingfish and tuna with a wide variety of seaweed, pickled vegetables, and soy.

Traditional Poke bowl is a rich source of omega 3 and processed carbohydrates, which even health experts suggests. However, nowadays, these healthy bowl consists of fried meats and noodles in the name of “wellness”

On comparing the calories present in a typical Buddha bowl it was found to be somewhere ranging between 400 – 500 calories when served with salad. However, when it is mixed with avocados, fried meat, and noodles, the calories in the Buddha bowl shoots to 1000 calories. The plate also serves 60-80 gm of fat, which is similar to two meals and more than a day’s total fat.

Another issues that has been noticed that, the excessive use of Asian sauce to dress up the dish. These dressing and sauces are packed with sodium.

Generally, it is better to consume poke bowl instead of consuming French fries or burgers, but one need to keep a look into the choice of ingredients that is being consumed. It is better to stick to raw fish and fresh salads.

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