Perilla Leaf Extract Market Provides Complete Analysis of Major Segments, Current Trends & Factors Driving Growth

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Perilla leaf is obtained from the Perilla frutescens plant. Perilla belongs from the mint family and the leaf has a lot of essential application in herbal medicine. The perilla leaf extract is chemically known as perilla ocymoides. The perilla leaf extract is used to treat asthma, nausea, sunstroke, and muscle spasm. Perilla leaf extract is also used as a food flavoring in different cuisines around the world. Another application of the perilla leaf extract is in dyes and ink industries where perilla leaf extract is used to obtained the colors. The versatility of the application of the perilla leaf extract gives the manufacturers a huge opportunity to capitalize. The herbal medicinal market around the globe is anticipated to grow folds in near future and the natural ingredient market is also showing healthy growth hence, the Perilla leaf extract which covers all these growing markets is expected to flourish in coming years.

The Perilla leaf extract market can be segmented based on form and application.

On the basis of form, the perilla extract market can be segmented in powder, tablets, capsules and paste. The perilla extract market can also be segmented on the basis of End-user like food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, personal care, and paints.

The powder form of the perilla extract is used as a spice in different cuisines of Asia-Pacific. Also, perilla leaf extract powder can be used for the preparation of tea. The tablets and capsules are mainly used for the pharmaceutical purpose. The perilla leaf extract is used as spice and flavoring agent in the food and beverage industries. The pharmaceutical industries use it as an active compound to treat asthma, nausea, sweat inducer, Anti-sunstroke, and muscle relaxer. The paint industry uses the natural pigments of the perilla leaf extract to produce dyes and inks. In personal care industry, the perilla leaf extract is used for skin care products because of the presence of essential oils.

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Asia pacific is the key region for the perilla leaf extract market because of the dynamic growth of the herbal market in the region. Increasing awareness of the herbal and alternative medicines has also created impact in the North America and Europe. In near future, this region will create a healthy demand for the perilla leaf extract products.

The versatile use of the perilla extract will act as a driver in the perilla leaf extract market. New studies have shown a positive output of the pharmaceutical sectors and hence a major demand is expected from the pharmaceutical market can be expected. Perilla leaf does not require any special cultivation process can be grown in multiple regions. This also cuts down the manufacturing cost of the perilla leaf extract. Allowance of the herbal product in the North America market and Europe will create a healthy demand of the perilla extract. The ink and dye industry is a good sector for the perilla leaf extract as the final product produce is non-toxic and hence can be used by the small kids.

Following the strict GMP rule may act as a restrain as it may hamper the manufacturing cost.

The key global players for the perilla extract market are AuNutra Industries Inc, Nikko Chemicals Co., Ltd., Maypro Industries, PL Thomas & Co, BOC sciences, Xi’an Realin Biotechnology Co., Ltd. And Hunan 3W Botanical Extract Inc.

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