PepsiCo Jordan Creates Signs One-Year Deal with Employee Union for Higher Wages and Other Benefits

In an endeavor to improve the working conditions employees working in PepsiCo-Jordan facilities, the company has pledged JOD 1 million to the General Union of Food Industry Employees. The agreement, signed for a one-year period, was signed by key management personnel of PepsiCo-Jordan and the president of the Employee Union.
The agreement kicked off with a salary raise for all employees of PepsiCo-Jordan, which would be effective 1 January, 2015. In addition to this, the company also offered a bonus to employees with an L3 Stratis and lower ranking. Staff members who were yet to complete a year in the company received a bonus amount based on their total tenure in the company.
This was the third year in a row that employees of PepsiCo-Jordan received a bonus, as part of the Performance Program. In yet another initiative, the company announced cuts to the amount it deducted by way of health insurance premium for all employees, besides modifying its existing class of medical services to Class A. The coverage amount for the approved network was raised as well.
Speaking on this development, a senior official from the company said that the partnership between the employees’ union and management reflects that it stands committed to fostering a motivating work condition that also has a positive effect on the personal lives of employees. 
The president of the employee union said that the latest agreement further extended the endeavor to ensure a motivational and safe working environment that also offers job security to employees.
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