Pedestrian Protection Airbag Market: Statistical Forecast and Competitive Analysis to 2027


The automotive industry is modifying its processes and products regularly to cater to the demands of the current market. The automotive industry has developed various new technologies to make vehicles and their surroundings safer. Automobile manufacturers have installed airbags, inside and outside their vehicle to reduce the effects of a collision or an impact during a crash. Pedestrian protection airbags are installed in vehicles to reduce the impact of a crash or collision with a pedestrian. The airbags are located or incorporated at the front end or beneath the hood of the vehicle.

Pedestrian protection airbags are a part of the pedestrian protection system. A sensor located in the front of the vehicle behind the grille activates the pedestrian protection airbags. The pedestrian protection airbags on the windshield of the vehicle inflate or are activated when the vehicle comes in contact with an object at a certain speed.

Pedestrian Protection Airbag Market – Competitive Landscape


TOYODA GOSEI Co., Ltd. was founded in 1949 and currently has its headquarters in Kiyosu, Aichi, Japan. It is a leading supplier of automotive safety products to the OEM and aftermarket industry. As of 2019, the company has over 39,429 employees. It primarily operates through three business segments: automobile components, optoelectronic products, and general industry products. TOYODA GOSEI’s products include front air bags, curtain airbags, and seat cushion air bags.

General Motors

General Motors was founded in 1908, with headquarters in Detroit, Michigan, U.S. The company is a prominent manufacturer of automobiles across the globe. Its brands include Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, and GMC. The company also owns various business subsidiaries in diverse sectors including transportation and finance.

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JAGUAR LAND ROVER LIMITED was founded in 2008, with headquarters in Whitley, Coventry, U.K. The company is owned by Tata Motors. It is a leading company that manufactures vehicles and has over 43,000 employees across the globe.

Continental AG

Continental AG was founded in 1871, and currently has headquarters in Hanover, Germany. Continental AG is a leading supplier of components in the automobile industry. The company operates through two major groups: automotive group and rubber group, which is further divided into various business verticals such as powertrain, chassis & safety, interior, tires and services. The company has a global presence and operates through several locations across the Americas, Africa, Europe, and Middle East & Africa.

Rising demand for technologically advanced vehicles

Rising demand for technologically advanced vehicles is a major factor driving the pedestrian protection airbag market. Presently, vehicles are equipped with several systems that can detect obstacles on the road and guide the driver to take preventive action to overcome these issues. The vehicles are connected with several systems and equipped with sensors and cameras that are able to monitor all the activities on the road. These are key reasons that are expected to drive the pedestrian protection airbag market during the forecast period.

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Increase in demand for autonomous vehicles

Demand for autonomous vehicles has been rising in the last few years, as customers are more concerned about safety and also due to the changing norms of governments regarding safety features in vehicles. Autonomous vehicles are driverless vehicles, which are completely drive on the basis of artificial intelligence and advance driving assistance system. These vehicle require consistent monitoring with integration of advance safety products in the vehicle.

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