PC Gamers key to the future of Gaming Titles, says Microsoft VP

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It is PC gamers who are critical to the future of electronic gaming be it Microsoft’s gaming console or Xbox console, says Microsoft’s VP of gaming. Underlining how crucial PC gamers are for a gaming company, revamping the store experience is Microsoft’s priority at this time. The Microsoft leader emphasized.

During revamp, a new store experience for games will be the first priority. The company intends to factor in learnings from past challenges faced by gamers, the Microsoft leader added.

For many PC gamers, the revamping of store initiative will be 8-bit music to the ears, who earlier made purchases at the Microsoft store. After the purchase, many among them, struggled with various glitches and issues of the platform.

Microsoft’s store Revamp Initiative to include sway gamers for games too

Furthermore, the Microsoft leader acknowledged some mistakes made earlier by the company on its journey for PC gaming. Throwing light on the matter at E3 this year, the Microsoft leader further added, “Throughout the year, folks will experience compelling initiatives from the company.” In the course, this includes pushing games in the Microsoft store as well as pushing Windows gaming in general.

At this point, the mention of E3 hints at some big announcements from Microsoft about PC gaming. As heard recently, the forthcoming Windows 10 April 2019 Update could enhance the capabilities of the application. The leap, as speculated, would be to allow to play native Xbox One games on the PC. With such a leap, it seems plausible for one of the revelations to be on these lines.

Previously, as discussed by technocrats, if Xbox One games receive native support, this would be a boon for developers. Such underpinnings will make it convenient and quicker for developers to hook their console titles on the PC.

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