Parent-Child Conflicts During Early Years Cause Difficulties in Charting Life Path

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Researchers from Washington University are carrying out an experiment on parent-child relationships. They have found children who had conflict with their mothers in early age, are going through more difficulties in life. Furthermore, the confliction might trouble the children to find a purpose in their life when they hit adulthood.

Patrick Hill, associate professor in Arts and Science said that these findings clear the concept on charting life path. He also asserted that the new study helped them to understand the path toward purposeful life starts at early age. Moreover, children start creating their life paths even before they start considering different goals for life.

Hill further said that the research majorly focuses on the child’s perspective about the confliction which effects them the most. However, researchers discovered most of the child’s perspectives were about conflicted relationships especially with their mothers, effected their later life.

Conflicts with Fathers Result in Less Life Satisfaction in Emerging Adulthood

To have a sense of purpose in life is extremely necessary for a child. This sense makes the child to believe that he/she has a far reaching and stable aim. Such believes further stimulate behaviors, organizes goals, and ultimately promotes child’s progress towards achieving the aim.

Furthermore, the study explains that apart from setting goals, having a purpose in life is equally important for picking careers. Moreover, it plays a crucial role to motivate children in developing the necessary life skills for being independent.

Researchers are aiming towards finding more about the early life experiences influence on children for not feeling purposeful in adulthood.

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