Oyster Shell Powder Market is Growing Rapidly And Thus Rising Demand Of High-Quality 2018 – 2028

Industry Insights

Globally, oyster sea food is considered as a delicacy but after consumption the shells were thrown away These Oyster shells are rich source for calcium carbonate which is an important mineral in the body, replacing source from limestone and rocks and used for making oyster shell powder. Oyster shell powder market has various applications into the food industry, nutraceutical, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, brewing industry and cement industry, owing to its vast array of application. Oyster shell powder is used to increase the shelf life of food products like noodles, tofu, sausages, and fried chicken in the food industry.

Oyster shell powder is used into supplements for livestock and poultry farming. It is an ideal ingredient for making capsules, tablets, suspension for the pharmaceutical industry. Oyster shell powder is useful in developing skin care products as it has many benefits on skin. Oyster shell powder is used for making cement as it is a good source for calcium carbonate. It is also used to reduce soil acidity in field and agricultural land which is useful to grow more food. Oyster shell powder market is expected to grow globally as the demand for oysters and its products are increasing into various industries.

Oyster shell powder contains important trace elements like iron, copper, zinc, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, manganese which are necessary for good health. Oyster shell powder plays an essential role in liver health. It improves overall liver functioning and aids in liver detoxification. It helps in enhancing physical strength of human body and in the recovery of physical and mental fatigue. Its consumption increases synthesis of glutathione in the body improves immunity and inhibits aging. Oyster shell powder promotes metabolism, increase secretion of hormones and improves blood circulation. It is also beneficial for skin as it promotes skin metabolism and prevent it from drying, cleanses skin pores, removes dead skin cells, treats blackheads, resulting in healthy skin. Oyster shell powder with all these health benefits result in the increase in demand among the consumers.

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The key players operating in the oyster shell powder market are Penglai Marine Bio-Tech co., ltd., Beihai Hahs Land Biotech Co. Ltd., Xi’an Saiyan Biotechnology co. Ltd., Xian Olin Biological Technology Co. Ltd., Weifang Noga Biochem Co. Ltd., Avian Pro, and Terravita Llc. A lot of regional players are expected to enter in the market and is expected to make the market more competitive, resulting in scale-up of the oyster shell powder market over the forecast period.

The environmental pollution is increasing day after day and has become a major concern globally. Oyster shell powder is manufactured from the oyster shells which are being dumped away. Oyster shell powder is useful for treating waste water and so is expected to help with cleaning the water bodies. On the basis of studies the oyster shell powder is expected to treat conditions caused due to deficiency of calcium such as weak bones, bone loss, and decreased activity of parathyroid gland. These health benefits are expected to have applications into pharmaceutical industry and as dietary supplements for calcium. Research studies concluded that oyster shell powder can be used as a substitute for phosphates which can be useful in dental medicine. The personal care and cosmetics industry have a wide application of oyster shell powder for developing newly improved products.

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