Oxidized Starch Market Globally Expected to Drive Growth through 2028

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The worldwide oxidized starch market has seen an exceptional development throughout the years, attributable to its astonishing capacity in lessening the microbial substance from different nourishment items. Oxidized starch is a kind of flexible item which is primarily utilized in the few cooking forms. Aside from this, it additionally finds a significant application in paper industry, where oxidized starch helps in improving the materials’ printability. Alongside this, oxidized starch is generally received as a covering material where it is utilized as a covering base.

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The chain length of such special starch is shorter as compared to other starch chains. Oxidized starch is extensively utilized in the manufacturing of wafer cups, acoustic tiles, and in cardboard isolation. Thus, this starch is a preferred product in the construction industry. Apart from this, other varied applications of oxidized starch have also augmented a high demand for them, which is driving the global oxidized starch market.

From the perspective of various end-use industries, the global oxidized market is segmented into paper industry, food industry, construction industry, pharmaceutical industry, and textile industry. Among these segments, textile industry holds the major share in the global oxidized starch market. This is because of the high use of oxidized starch in the textile industry for manufacturing of batter coating and yarn smoothing. Such USPs are majorly driving the global oxidized starch market.

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Some of the developments may help in expanding the size of the global oxidized starch market in a broad way includes:

  • The ingredient suppliers in the global oxidized starch market are diversifying their sources through extending beyond basic sources such as tapioca and potato. Thus, various companies are also bolstering their capabilities.
  • Some of the companies in the market are exploiting oxidized starch for making gluten-free confectionery and bakery goods for several health benefits.
  • Various companies have acquired advanced technology to modify the production methods of oxidized starches. This has led to their oxidized starch production on a large scale, thus, fueling growth in the global oxidized starch market.

Key companies operating in the global oxidized starch market include Universal Starch Chem Allied, Banpong Tapioca Flour Industrial Co. Ltd., Avebe U.A, and China Essence Group.

Growing Demand in Diverse Industry Verticals Fuel Oxidized Starch Market’s Growth

The oxidized starch is extensively used as a coating binder, stabilizer smoothing agent, and pigment binderThus, it is highly used in a wide array of industries include construction, food, pharmaceutical, textile, and paper across the world. Therefore, rapid adoption of oxidized starch in diverse industry verticals provide major impetus to the growth of the global oxidized starch market. Along with this, the growth of the global oxidized starch market is further fueled by the properties of oxidized starch includes enhancing the whiteness and lowering the microbial content in several food products.

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