Organic Whole Milk Powder Market : Status and Forecast, by Players, Types and Applications 2019 – 2027

Industry Insights

The Organic whole milk powder is the dried powder obtained by removing water the pasteurized, organic whole milk. The demand for organic milk products is growing as compared to conventional milk products owing to various benefits such as quality, freshness, nutrition and health. Organic whole milk powder is finding wide application in fermented milk foods, reconstitution of organic milk, yogurt, ice-creams, UHT milk, bakery, confectionary, and canning operations.

With rise in a number of consumers opting for natural and organic food products, the demand for organic whole milk powder is also increasing. Moreover, organic whole milk powder has also become a common ingredient in various processed food products. Research and development activities are also being conducted by manufacturers in the organic whole milk powder market to ensure highest level of quality and safety.

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  • Nestle in 2018 launched NIDO, the company’s first organic full cream milk powder product in China. NIDO milk sells around 60 million cups in more than 80 countries globally.
  • Corio Bay Dairy Group is developing organic milk spray drying facility in Australia. The company is the joint venture by Organic Dairy Farmers of Australia, Niche Dairy, and Wattle Health Australia. The estimated investment by partners is more than $40.5 million in the facility. The construction started in 2018 and is likely to be completed by Q3/2019.
  • Organic Valley along with Maple Hill have created new standard for organic grass-fed dairy products. This third party certification called as Certified Grass-Fed Organic Livestock Program will be administered by Organic Plus Trust Inc. To participate in this new program, farms must be certified organic along with the certification that dairy cows are fed grass diet.

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Some of the leading players in the organic whole milk powder market are Nestlé SA, HiPP GmbH & Co. Vertrieb KG,  Arla Foods amba, Aurora Foods Dairy Corp., OMSCo, SunOpta, Inc., Holle babyfood GmbH, Aurora Foods Dairy Corp., OMSCo, Organic Valley,  Bellamy’s Organic, and Ingredia SA.Rising Consumer Demand for Organic and Natural Food Products Owing to Increased Health Benefits

Increasing awareness about the harmful effects of synthetic products and ingredients in food and beverages along with growing incidences of lifestyle diseases such as blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems, etc., are some of the major factors driving the demand in the organic whole milk powder market. Moreover, increasing use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers in the non-organic dairy products is resulting in the shift towards organic dairy products including organic whole milk powder.

Fators including longer shelf life due to the induced evaporation of the moisture content and health consciousness along with changing consumption pattern are also resulting in the growing demand for organic whole milk powder. Organic whole milk powder market is witnessing wide application in developing countries owing to the reduced storage and transportation cost.

Manufacturers in the organic whole milk powder market are focusing on designing and developing new spray drying technologies and plants to comply with the regulations on dairy processing and meet the highest standard of safety. Spray drying and roller drying process is being used on a large scale to make organic whole milk powder from fresh and pasteurized organic whole milk. In recent years, the low temperature spray drying has also witnessed growth as low temperatures eliminate denaturalization and ingredient loss.

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