Organic Almond Oil Market : Reporting and evaluation of recent industry developments 2019 – 2027

Industry Insights

Almond oil marketplace has witnessed a significant growth owing to the extensive application of the oil in several end-use industries ranging from food to pharmaceutical. As the ‘organic’ trend continues to proliferate, demand for organic variants of almond oil has increased significantly, thereby projecting an optimistic outlook of organic almond oil market during the forecast period.

Well aware of the increasing demand for organic almond oil, manufacturers in the almond oil market are engaged in introducing organic variants. While demand for almond oil continues in multiple applications such as skin care, color cosmetics, aromatherapy, food ingredient and therapeutics, growing preference for organic variants is likely to boost the consumption of organic almond oil market in the coming future.

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Some of the key players in the organic almond oil market are NOW Foods, Provital Group, A.N.V Foods Pvt Ltd (IN), Mountain Ocean Ltd., Humco, Flora, AAK Natural Oils, ESI, Plimon, Caloy, K. K. Enterprise, OLIOFORA, and OSE.

For the production of any organic oils including organic almond oil, producers are bound to comply with certain production standards such as the production process and the finalized product should not contain artificial fertilizer, pesticide, antibiotics, growth hormones or any food additives. Also, organic almond oil should be completely non-GMO and should not be irradiated. These standards are regulated through the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM), an international umbrella organization for the organic agriculture movement which represents about 800 affiliates across over 115 countries. In addition, there are different regional and national regulatory frameworks to which organic almond oil producers need to comply with. Thus, producers need to adhere to the standards for cultivating almonds and production of organic almond oil to become a certified organic almond oil provider.

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Sweet almond oil is used heavily in skin care as well as hair care products owing to its moisturizing properties and higher content of Vitamin E. In the almond oil marketplace, traditionally, demand for sweet almond oil has remained higher over the years. Ranging from food to cosmetics to other oil applications, sweet almond oil has found extensive applications across divergent industry verticals. As an important ingredient of a variety of products such as food, personal care, cosmetics or pharmaceutical, sweet organic almond oil is expected to remain the highly sought-after oil variant during the period of estimation. As the preference for organic products is gaining significant momentum across related business domains, demand for organic sweet almond oil is set to rise meteorically in the coming years.

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