Oracle Challenges Amazon for Technological War

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Global technology giants Amazon and Oracle are still continuing to fight over pentagon building advanced cloud-computing technology. Big techno giants like Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, and Amazon submitted their bids in order to win this contract. This technology implants in their operations and the decision of the government is to be in favor of Amazon. The protracted battle of court, how Pentagon should create their advanced cloud computing technology in their operations is still pending.

Oracle bids protest and have filed a case in the Court of Federal Claims. Oracle states, the computing contract of the Defense Department worth $10bn is improperly standing in favor of Amazon Web Services.

Pentagon Approaching Lawsuit Filed by Oracle

The Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure stands in favor of the cloud computing unit of Amazon Web Services. Days later, a lawsuit arrives after a few weeks of the Government’s Accountability Office. This office is responsible for ruling against the protest filed by Oracle regarding the issue of Pentagon’s approach.

U.S. Military Unit to Benefit from Artificial Intelligence Infused Software

Oracle states, the contract as part of greater efforts in building advanced algorithms of artificial intelligence. This contract is helpful for operations of the Pentagon and also the weapon systems. This is important for the U.S. military services as it defines their ability to continue dominating Russia and China technologically. The award of contract is to be given out in the month of April, 2019.

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