Opportunities For Market Participants In Proanthocyanidins Industry – Future Outlook, Key Statistics

Industry Insights

Global Proanthocyanidins Market: Overview

Proanthocyanidins are a class of flavonoids gathering steam as dietary supplements among worldwide consumers on account of their substantial nutritional value and therapeutic benefits. The nutrient has been found to be helpful in treating a range of health conditions such as hypertension, improving capillary strength in diabetics, and treating sunburn. In a few clinical trials, the compound has been found to have therapeutic effects in delaying progression of diabetic retinopathy, and in treating chronic venous insufficiency and varicose veins. Proanthocyanidins are also being used in numerous application areas in the food and beverages, and personal care and cosmetics industries. They are usually derived from plant sources including from grapes, apples, cranberries, pine bark, and blueberries.

Rising demand for proanthocyanidin-rich food products in a number of developing and developed regions is helping the rapid evolution of the proanthocyanidins market. Moreover, growing consumer awareness about the health and nutritional benefits of proanthocyanidins as supplements has bolstered their demand in various parts of the world.

The report sheds light on key growth dynamics and major research and development activities that can create new avenues over the next decade. Perusing through the carefully arrived insights on prominent trends and prospects will guide market players to identify promising application areas in various regional markets.

Global Proanthocyanidins Market: Trends and Opportunities

Rapid advances made in dietary supplement industry, especially in developing countries, are propelling the growth of the proanthocyanidins market. Over the past few years, there has been widespread awareness about dietary interventions to control lifestyle associated diseases. The rising incidence and prevalence of lifestyle related diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular conditions has been bolstering the demand for supplements containing proanthocyanidins. The rising demand for food products with anti-cancer properties in populations across the world is also fueling the demand for proanthocyanidin-rich food products.

Efforts of manufacturers to back nutritional benefit claims through in-vitro studies prove as a strong underpinning to the demand for proanthocyanidins as dietary supplements. However, manufacturers are still grappling with low level of market penetration owing to limited consumer awareness. The rising application of proanthocyanidins in the food and beverages industry is also aiding in the expansion of the market. The rising disposable incomes of people in developing countries, coupled with rising level of awareness about the vast therapeutic benefits of dietary supplements, underpins latent opportunities for market players to capitalize on during the assessment period.

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Global Proanthocyanidins Market: Region-wise Outlook

The study identifies lucrative avenues in major regions of the proanthocyanidins market and takes a closer look at the changing regulatory dynamics. The analysis covers recent product launches in developing regions and consumer trends that may prove pivotal in new prospects in these regions. On the regional front, developed countries are likely to be potentially lucrative throughout the forecast period. In particular, the U.S. is witnessing substantial uptake of proanthocyanidins as dietary supplements. Meanwhile, developing regions, notably Asia Pacific, may contribute sizeable shares of revenue to the global proanthocyanidins market. The demand is increasingly supported by spiralling consumer awareness about the nutritional benefits of dietary supplements.

Key Players Mentioned in the Report

The insights cover key product development players in numerous players and offer an incisive analysis of their research and development initiatives. Some of the prominent players expected to have marked impact on the competitive landscape are Skin Actives Scientific, Atrium Innovations Inc., Swanson Health Products, Inc., Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc., Bio Botanica, Inc., and NOW Health Group, Inc.

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