Opportunities and Challenges for Surgical Robots in the Healthcare Landscape


We are entering the era where kings in Saudi Arabia are demonstrating the efficiency of robots for security purposes and now for important surgeries. To achieve this, artificial intelligence (AI) is being augmented to develop surgical robots that can work with doctors in everyday environments.

Diligent Robotics — a software company based in Austin, Texas, is gaining popularity for innovating in its autonomous Moxi robot that can be left alone to perform time-consuming logistical tasks like restocking supplies and function in hospitals for setting up patient rooms.

Startups are seeking funding from investors to innovate in surgical robots that cater to general and urologic surgeries. Increasing number of laparoscopic surgeries are translating into revenue opportunities for surgical robot innovators.

Despite several advantages, large scale deployment of surgical robots is being met with challenges. Even though the Da Vinci robotic surgery is being publicized for its precision in procedures, it is associated with drawbacks like high mortality rates in lung operations, abdominal procedures and hysterectomies. Hence, there is a need for proper training amongst surgeons to make efficient use of surgical robots.

Surgical robot providers are working closely with international healthcare authorities to enable continuous research and development programs in order to improve their technology.

Some research labs are currently working on systems to facilitate touch sensation from robotic instruments back to the surgeon. Other labs are increasing efforts to improve current methods for developing surgical robots that perform suture-less anastomoses.

Automation is emerging as an important strategy for improving the technology in surgical robots. One exciting possibility is expanding the use of pre-operative medical applications like CT or MR and intra-operative video image fusion to better guide the surgeon in dissection & for identifying pathology.


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