Online Charging System (OCS) Market- Rising Demand For Individual Monetizing And Billing Systems In Organizations

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An online charging system (OCS) is a specially designed communication function that allows the service provider to charge an individual user for services in real time. An online charging system can handle the user’s account balance, correlation, and charging transactions. An online charging system assures a telecom service operator about the credit limits enforced and the resources authorized on a per transaction basis. An OCS allows the network operator to control credit and, at the same time, it allows the user to control costs through the flexible package offered by the operator. The OCS helps operators provide new and reliable services. It helps the operator improve its billing operations and allow it to provide new customers with reliable packages. The OCS can offer session-based charging or event–based charging. In an event-based charging system, operators charge on service occurrence rather than duration and volume. The session-based charging system considers voice calls, which include session time and duration. Network operators are expected to use OCS for better services and to improve the billing system by monitoring individual usage of services by the user.

Rising demand for individual monetizing and billing systems in organizations is expected to drive the global online charging system (OCS) market during the forecast period. Additionally, increasing demand for charges for services in real time in terms of content and volumes is expected to propel the online charging system (OCS) market in the next few years. Subscribers can manage their accounts for rates and charges through smart devices. Access to account to modify and control the account details is expected to generate more demand and increases the revenue opportunities for solution providers. Solution providers are expected to invest more in online charging systems to improve the quality of their services. By technological growth in an online charging system also increase the threat of security for the user’s private information. Increasing number of issues in OCSs can restrain the online charging system (OCS) market.

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The global online charging system (OCS) market can be segmented based on type, deployment, and geography. Based on type, the online charging system (OCS) market can be segmented into event-based charging and session-based charging. Among these, session-based charging systems are expected to be adopted more by telecom companies and other industries. Based on deployment, the global online charging system (OCS) market can be categorized into on-premises and cloud-based. Furthermore, the cloud-based segment can be sub-categorized into private, public, and hybrid. Cloud-based systems are likely to be adopted by telecom industries due to their regular update feature and support to virtualization deployment in organizations. Based on geography, the global online charging system (OCS) market can be segmented into Middle East & Africa, Asia Pacific, North America, South America, and Europe. North America is expected to hold a leading share of the global online charging system (OCS) market during the forecast period.

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