Nubia’s Wearable Smartphone sound to make Waves in Flexible displays

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Smart wearables may not replace smartphones anytime soon, but at the very least could help not become a reason for traffic disruptions. Novelty it may be, Nubia’s version of wearable smartphone showcased at IFA last year was a bulky thing. In this direction, Nubia’s Alpha released from this year is certainly nifty, indicating a welcoming move for the technology.

At this time, however, details of Alpha are pretty scant. Further information about the device expected from the Shenzhen-based smartphone maker at a press event later tonight.

Functionality-wise, Nubia Alpha is at par to a regular smartphone. Displayed last year at IFA, visitors experienced Nubia Alpha in a non-touchable capacity.

Nubia Alpha leap from TCL’s version of Wearable Smartphone

Meanwhile, Alpha is a veritable thing for this technology. Alpha is the next logical step, beyond simple sandwich clamshells displayed at the show so far. Because the human body is funny and weirdly in shape, why not wrap it up in OLEDs to inundate it with technology?

In this direction, TCL produced similar ideas when working through initial concepts of its own demos. The demos from TCL included a phone that wraps around the wrist. However, the form factor of TCL is undoubtedly more difficult to pull off. To its credit, unlike TCL’s mockups, Alpha is likely to hit the stores at some point soon, at least in China.

With some exciting releases in its kitty- Alpha wearable smartphone, a recent dual-screen handset, and mini 5G phone, Alpha, Nubia is looked upon as an interesting company with more exciting releases in the coming years.

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