Night Lights Can Be Fatal for Birds, Says a New Study

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According to a new study, it is time for us to deem the night bulb for our feathery friends. Birds like thrushes, warblers, and sparrows are losing their navigational sense while travelling at nights.

Researchers say that the birds with high-frequency vocalization are at increased risk. The research team observed migratory flocks losing their balance, crashing into building only to receive a fatal stroke.

Furthermore, these instances occur often in urban areas. Previous studies note that birds often chirp more often in urban areas. This aroused curiosity among the research team to investigate the cause.

What they discovered was quite surprising! Birds that chirp more often might have attracted more birds to bright destinations, which ultimately resulted in crash. Hence, the study published in the Proceedings of Royal Society B tells an insightful tale of unintended but significant consequences.

Large Cities A Red Light for Migratory Birds

The team studied several studies including Chicago, Ohio, Los Angeles, among others. Chicago topped the chart as the most dangerous city for birds. The team studied bird migration rigorously. Their research included studying over 70,000 flights from 93 different species.

Chicago, Houston, and Dallas continue to lead ranking as major cities in the United States. Due to their large size, these cities witness a significant aerial traffic. Over quarter-million birds collide with houses each year to receive a fatal blow. In conclusion, these cities represent a preying canon for birds.

Scientists urge the populace at large to turn off their lights to protect birds. According to them even the smallest action would make a huge difference. They are hopeful that major reductions in such pollution can offer a new lease of life to several bird species.

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