Nickel Alloys Market Predicted to Accelerate the Growth by 2018 – 2026


Global Nickel Alloys Market: Overview

Nickel alloys have gained traction in a wide variety of high performance applications in consumer markets and several industries, world over. There is attractive demand for nickel alloys in numerous applications that need high corrosion resistance and heat resistance, most notably the oil and gas industry. The drive for these alloys in these applications stems from the unique physical and chemical characteristics they combine. Few of the characteristics that make nickel alloys increasingly useful in applications are high strength, increased resistivity, and amazing tensile strength and remarkability. Some of the most notable nickel alloys in industrial applications are nickel beryllium alloys, copper-nickel alloys, nickel-chromium alloys, and nickel-chromium-iron alloys. Nickel alloys are used in diverse applications such as in making food preparation equipment, mobile phones, buildings, power generation equipment, and medical equipment. In various parts of the world, industry players are engaged in leveraging the metalworking and machining properties of several of nickel alloys. These efforts will underpin new lucrative avenues in the coming years.

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The report takes a closer look at the current outlook of key product segments and recent production trends and developments in key regions. The various insights and evaluations of the prevailing opportunities and growth dynamics are likely to guide new entrants and incumbent players in their strategy formulation. 

Global Nickel Alloys MarketTrends and Opportunities

A large chunk of revenues to the global nickel alloys market has been contributed by the oil and gas industry over the past few years. Substantial uptake can be attributed to the rising demand for high-performance materials in the form of corrosion-resistant alloys in offshore oil and gas exploration and production activities. The use of corrosion-resistant alloys in the industry is propelling the rapid expansion of the market. Rising number of activities in recent years in various parts of the world has imparted a robust fillip to the demand for nickel alloys.

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Another industry that is opening vast window of possibilities in the nickel alloys market is the aerospace. The rising usage of nickel alloys as high-temperature and high-corrosion resistant alloys in engine and transmission control systems is bolstering the uptake. Rapid improvements in aircraft size in recent years and growing performance requirements are likely to keep the demand for nickel alloys in the aerospace lucrative. Growing demand for nickel alloys in making new aircraft models with better performance characteristics is a crucial factor boosting the market.  Constant advances in manufacturing technologies have opened new, exciting applications in recent years.

Global Nickel Alloys MarketRegional Outlook 

The report takes a critical look at the current opportunities in various regions and promising avenues in emerging markets for nickel alloys. The study also offers insights into the year-over-year growth prospects of key regional markets. On the global front, Asia Pacific is likely to emerge as potentially lucrative region owing to burgeoning use of these alloys in various end-use industries. Rapid strides being made by the oil and gas and aerospace industries in several of its economies have kept the uptake increasingly robust over the years. Developed regions such as North America and Europe are also expected to be potentially promising regional markets for nickel alloys. 

Global Nickel Alloys Market: Competitive Landscape

The study offers an incisive assessment of the prevailing competitive dynamics and the factors that play increasingly important role in the shaping the future contours. Several manufacturers of nickel alloys are focusing on improving the surface chemistry characteristics of nickel alloys. Some of the key participants in the nickel alloys market are Carpenter Technology Corporation, ThyssenKrupp AG, Sandvik Materials Technology AB, VDM Metals, and ATI. 

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