New Tracking Technology to Reveal Facts on Origin, Legitimacy of Food

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A new technological venture called OpenSC is underway. Once completed, it would open the doors to increased information on food for consumers. It would allow tracking of food sold at supermarkets and restaurants back to their origin. This involves providing insights into if the food bought at restaurants underwent a legal and sustainable production process.

The technology leverages QR codes that consumers can scan using their smartphones. This automatically displays comprehensive information on the origin of the product. Some of the variables are source, time of production, and method of production.

New Technology Receives Award-winning Pilot Endorsement

The new technology developed by WWF and BCG Digital Ventures has already received an endorsement. This entails an award-winning pilot from an environmental NGO in which OpenSC has tracked a tuna caught in the Pacific.

The OpenSC technology attaches digital tags at a couple of points in the supply chain. The first tagging is at the place of catch and the second one at the production place. And, the products at various touch points are linked via a blockchain platform.

Meanwhile, Chef Matt Moran cooked a Patagonian toothfish last week. OpenSC would debut with the tracking of the deep-sea fish found only on menus of luxe restaurants. It would allow the discerning consumers to study the journey of the fish from the sea to their plates.

Eventually, OpenSC developers aim to widen the array of products they cover to tap into the market. To that end, they are already working on projects with the timber and beef industries.

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