New Technologies to Change Nature of Retail Sector

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Amazon inaugurated the first Amazon Go store in Seattle in 2016 on their own premises, especially for their employees. Now, the company has three Amazon GO stores in Seattle, Chicago, and Francisco. The company has recently announced a new store in New York, while the company is considering opening a store at the airport in London. The company is aiming to open a total 3,000 stores by the end of 2021. The company is testing the technology in large scale for establishing more stores.

Some of the experts have dismissed the idea of future retail as competitors will compete to develop similar technologies. These stores will help them to avail the technology and devices. Amazon Go demonstrates perfectly the pace of adopting new technology in the duration of fewer than two years. This is concept based on the business done by these stores as it requires complex infrastructure including sensors and cameras. Yet the company is continuing it’s testing with their employees and planning the expansion of the retail business.

These stores will improve its availability and wide-ranging technologies that have pushed the trolley round a supermarket. Stuff will be passed to cash registers for scanning and packing in bags for saving the time of checkout.

If Amazon follows their usual business model, it will hire third parties for developing investment. In addition, the third parties will divide the market like the Amazon and they will have to pay for a license. Those who will choose to develop the model; they will have to work with numerous suppliers.

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