New System to Protect Your Smart Devices from Cyber-Attacks


Today’s digital world has offered us various amenities such as smart devices and made our life more comfortable. Smart devices have empowered us immensely. However, cyber-attacks is a big threat that can hack all your confidential data stored in these devices. Failing to protect your smart devices can lead to hostile effects. This includes hardware damage, system blackouts, and even physical harm to people using these devices. Scientists at Cardiff University’s School of Computer Science and Informatics have developed a new system. It is a small tool that protects your devices such as Apple TV and Amazon Echo Dot from cyber-attacks.

Making Your Smart Devices Safer Than Ever

The specialty of the latest tool is it can finely differentiate between malicious and nonthreatening activity. Moreover, the tool can detect the attacks on these smart devices with almost 90% of precision. Scientists stated that it can be employed in a similar way as that of an antivirus software. They highlighted the need of such tools to ensure the safety of our devices and data saved in them. This research is available to access in the IEEE Internet of Things Journal.

Professor Pete Burnap is the co-author of the research. He stated, “The latest system is another step forward in the early stage detection of disrupting cyber-attacks. Our latest research employs advanced AI technology to foresee and promptly block malicious activity before it leads to any major impact.” Furthermore, the recent development holds the history of earlier announcement of new law by the U.K. Government. The Department of Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport introduced some obligations to the firms involved in the smart devices manufacturing. According to these obligation, these firms will have to “clearly state” to their customers about the time duration up to which they will offer security updates after purchasing a

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