New Supercharged Bandages to Transform Chronic Wound Treatment


In a breakthrough development, world’s first plasma coated bandages could revolutionize the treatment of chronic wounds, as these bandages have the power to attack inflammation and infection. These coatings would work for chronic wounds that are related to diabetes, pressure, or vascular ulcers.

The novel coating on the plasma-coated bandages comprise a special antioxidant can be used on any wound dressing to reduce wound inflammation and simultaneously break up infection to help with wound repair. The new bandage is developed by the University of South Australia.

Chronic Wounds amount to High Cost for Public Healthcare Systems

Meanwhile, each year in Australia, almost half million people suffer from chronic wounds costing almost AUD$3 billion to the health system. This is similar to the situation around the world. In the U.S., more than 5.7 million people suffer from chronic wounds amounting to an estimated cost of US$20 billion to the economy each year. And, in the U.K., more than people suffer from chronic wounds amounting to a cost of GBP 5 billion each year.

With rising rate of diabetes, obesity, and aging population – chronic wounds are increasingly affecting large number of population. Earlier, prior to this discovery, only some treatments have shown such positive results.

“Upgrading currently used dressing with this state-of-the-art coating will aid effective healing on chronic wounds and reduce suffering,” said the lead researcher of the study.

On the other hand, proper care of chronic wounds requires wound dressings to be changed frequently. But currently used wound dressings work in a passive manner for wound management, the lead researcher added.

Conversely, the novel coatings change this, altering any wound dressing to act as an active participant in the healing process. The coating not only covers and protects the wound, but also attacks the infection and inflammation.

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