New Research Promises to Take Pain out of Surgery

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A New surgery method promises to take reshape living tissue without any incisions or scarring. This method is a type of ‘molecular’ surgery, which uses electric current, tiny needles, and 3D-printed molds. The recently discovered technique, brightens prospects for patients looking for replacements to laser eye surgery.

The new technique was rigorously tested while shaping rabbit ears. The team inserted tiny needles electrodes into the ears. Subsequently, the ear cartilage softened without any damage. After the electricity flow was turned off, the cartilage hardened as per the desired shape fixed by a mold.

The surgery also promises a brighter future to fix immobile joints and deviated septum. Additionally, the research provides application in cosmetic surgeries. For example, cosmetic surgeries rely on cutting to reshape living tissues.

This can result in scars and long recovery periods. Additionally, it increases risks of infections among others. Hence, this molecular surgery technique is a major breakthrough.

Dr. Michael Hill, a contributor to the research said, the team envisioned a low-cost procedure performed with the help of local anesthesia. According to him, the procedure would not take longer than five minutes.

Dr.Hill’s team will present the new findings at the Spring 2019 National meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS).

3D Printing Delivers Another Solution

Currently, Dr. Hill’s team is looking for licensing options. It has found promising results during animal testing. Additionally, the team used 3D printing technique to make a contact lens. The effectiveness of it is still being studied. However, during the research, the scientists were able to change the curvature of the cornea by softening it. 3D printing enabled them to paint electrodes on the contact lens, which ultimately delivered a promising solution.

3D printing and technologies like virtual simulation continue to offer robust solutions for scientists. These technologies enable visionaries to envision realities and understand its complexities unlike ever before.

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