New report predicts the future of food consumption and packaging

New report predicts the future of food consumption and packaging


Food packaging is an important component of any food product. Eventually, the packaging decides the influence it will make on the customer. Do you ever wonder about the food packaging and consumption scenario in 2030? Which factors will play an important role and will urge the customer to buy the food product? The answer to this question is been given by a new report released by Kemira. The report predicts the main factors that will rule the food packaging industry in 2030. This was done through thorough research and opinions of industry experts.

The four scenarios

The report creation is on the basis of four significant scenarios that are a blend of customer attitude, the latest packaging trends, recycling regulations, and other factors. This, in turn, provides an insight into the food and packaging scenario in the year 2030.

The first scenario, ‘Individualism to the max’ highlights the customer individuality regarding choices of food and the aim of the food industry to cater to the interests in the best way possible. Furthermore, this scenario also urges an alternative for better recycling of food packs.

The second scenario, ‘A totally green experience’ describes the future consumer as an eco-friendly consumer who denies plastic packaging and switches to edible and reusable food packaging. In addition, it also predicts that packaging-free shops are a more preferable option.

The third scenario, ‘Practicality on the go’ puts light on the fact that convenience is the most important factor for the consumer, even considering sustainability secondary. In addition, for people with a busy lifestyle, food on the go will be a priority. For this, packaging that’s more suited to this lifestyle is preferable for the consumers. A rise in digitalization is also on the cards, with online food delivery ruling the charts.

The fourth scenario ‘The effortless closed loop’ depicts strict regulations applied to food packaging. The packaging is reusable and recyclable in every aspect. In addition, this scenario also predicts the coming together of industries to offer sustainable alternatives to food packaging.

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