New Report Details about Tin Cans Filling Lines Market 2019: By Top Leading Vendors like Tenco srl, Swiss Can Machinery AG, and Grabher Indosa Maschinenbau AG

Industry Insights

Manufacturers of tin cans form an integral part of the global economy. Tin Cans are lightweight, and offer the desirable barrier properties, thus enhancing the shelf life of the product. Tin Cans are leakage and tamper proof, and maintain the nutritional value of the product. These properties of tin cans increase their preference among consumers as well as manufacturers. Tin cans witness high demand every year, with billions of tin-plated steel cans manufactured worldwide. Tin cans filling lines are an efficient packaging system for filling tin cans, before the top is crimped on. Since, the filling and sealing of a tin can needs to be fast and precise, tin cans filling lines are preferred owing to their efficiency and reliability.

Tin cans filling machines also provide rigidity to the tin cans for easy handling, by flushing the filled cans with pressurized gas before sealing. Tin cans serve a variety of industries, and are used mainly to store food & beverage items, oil, among others. To support the high demand for tin cans, tin cans filling lines manufacturers focus on easy-to-use tin cans filling lines, which maintain accurate and constant doses, and is extremely simple and handy. It is anticipated that the global tin cans filling lines market will continue to grow on the backdrop of tin cans market growth.

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Global tin cans filling lines market: Dynamics

The global metal can packaging industry has witnessed significant growth over the last few decades, with production soaring to new heights each year. Tin Cans serve storage purposes for dry food products, liquid products, in addition to serving the industrial chemicals market. Preference for tin cans is expected to grow over the forecast period, owing to recyclability. Being 100% recyclable, tin cans and other metal cans are expected to be the ideal packaging choices for manufacturers in a world which emphasizes sustainable packaging solutions.

Over time, the manufacturing industry is expected to witness high penetration of automation to meet the growing demand. Growth in the FMCG sector is also expected to positively impact the global tin cans filling lines market. Apart from these features, there are certain factors which might hamper growth of the global tin cans filling lines market, over the forecast period. Tin cans face stiff competition from Aluminum cans, which comprise of 75% of global yearly can production. All in all, the tin cans filling lines market is poised to witness moderate growth over the forecast period, and advancement in technology is expected to facilitate integration of production lines with modern technology and enhance production output of tin cans.

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The APEJ region is expected to lead the global tin cans filling lines market, over the forecast period. This is attributed to a flourishing FMCG sector in the region. The North America region is expected to closely follow the APEJ region, owing to a large and organized retail sector, fueling growth of the North America tin cans filling lines market. The Western Europe region is expected to witness growth in the tin cans filling lines market, however, the regional tin cans market might witness decline, over the forecast period, due to growing penetration of aluminum cans. The Latin America tin cans filling lines market is expected to follow a similar trend to that of the APEJ tin cans filling lines market.

Global tin cans filling lines market: Key Players

Few of the market players operating in the global tin cans filling lines market are – Tenco srl, Swiss Can Machinery AG, and Grabher Indosa Maschinenbau AG, among others.

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