New Nano Drug Formulation Destroys Deadly Breast Cancer Cells


Following a research study, researchers have developed a new nano drug that destroys triple negative breast cancer cells. Of all types of breast cancer, triple negative is one of the most deadly and fatal. Using this drug, clinicians will be able to target breast cancer cells directly, and at the same time avoid adverse, toxic side effects of chemotherapy.

The study is published in the June edition of Advanced Therapeutics. To create a nano-porous material, researchers connected a new class of nanomaterials, known as metal-organic frame with the ligands of an existing photodynamic therapy. The new nano-porous material created targets and destroys tumor cells without being toxic for normal cells.

Meanwhile, metal-organic frameworks are an emerging class of nanomaterials created for targeted drug delivery. And ligands are molecules that join with other molecules.

Breast Cancer cause for fatality of large number of American Women

“Barring skin cancer, breast cancer is the most common cancer in American women,” stated the lead researcher. Every year thousands of women succumb to breast cancer. And, patients with triple negative cells are especially susceptible, because of adverse side effects of the only treatment that is approved for this type of cancer. To address this, researchers have developed a formulation that targets only cancer cells with no effect on healthy cells.

The focus of researchers is to develop a new targeted photodynamic therapy drugs. The therapy is an alternative to chemotherapy, and with significantly fewer side effects. It is a non-invasive approach and relies on a photosensitizer. Upon irradiation by light, the photosensitizer produces toxic reactive oxygen species, which destroy cancer cells. Photodynamic therapy has gathered attention because it can treat tumors without chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery.

The laboratory of the lead researcher specializes in integrating nanomaterials.

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