New Model locates best sites for EV charging stations

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In a new development, researchers at North Carolina State University have developed a computational model that can be used to determine the optimal locations for EV charging facilities, and to know the power of the charging stations without putting undue burden on local power grid.

The model can ultimately be used for the development of EV charging infrastructure at various levels, which range from projects aimed to support local commuters to charging facilities serving interstate highway travel, stated corresponding author of the paper.

In fact, to identify the best site for charging facilities is a complicated process. This is because it requires account of travel flow and user demand, and the needs of regional power infrastructure.

A model is developed that allows to optimize decisions pertinent to EVs, serving the greatest number of people without burdening the power system.

While considerable work has been undertaken to understand deployment of EV charging facilities, most previous efforts are focused on siting the facilities based on what would work best from a transportation standpoint, or from a power system, found researchers.

Very little work is done that addresses both factors. And the work that looks into bother power and transportation factors did not take into account the decisions made by users.

Meanwhile, the best location for EV charging facility from the standpoint of power system is often no the best location from the standpoint of transportation system. And, the best location from the standpoint of users is often a third option.

Importantly, computational models consider power systems, transportation systems, and user decision-making for the best compromise. For instance, the power system element of the model accounts for limitations of power distribution network.

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