New Infrared Sensors System to check on Patient Safety remotely


Do you worry about your loved ones in hospitals or assisted living facilities? Is there a way for healthcare providers and families to remotely monitor patient safety when in hospitals or in assisted living facilities. With availability of cameras short in number, healthcare providers and families have few tools at their disposal to virtually monitor patient safety.

A new system serves to help with this. A system of infrared sensors, it enables to provide real-time data about the movement of individuals in a room, while maintaining their privacy. The system developed at the Center for Lighting Enabled Systems & Applications at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Originally developed to improve efficiency of energy management in buildings, the system has served to be an effective solution for a major challenge in healthcare.

System maintains Patient Identity

As a result, this implies lighting and light field sensing are a tremendously powerful tool. The tool works to figure to movement of people and their action, without creating an image of individuals.

“The system relies on occupant-centric control,” said the Director of the Center. Specifically, a set of sensors use infrared light to calculate distances between objects and sensors in order to find the position of an individual in a room.

Also, the system does not provide any image information. It only measures distance, so it can tell if a person is sitting, standing, lying down on the floor. Furthermore, the system can actually tell the difference of the position of individuals, and how they are interacting with other people.

With such measurements, this helps to alert the caregiver if someone has fallen, make a note when their loved one was checked upon last time, or even help find out cognitive deterioration over time.

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