New Charging Method Improves Battery Life in Electric Cars

New Charging Method Improves Battery Life in Electric Cars


Many government bodies are promoting the use of electric vehicles (EVs). The environment-friendliness of these EVs including electric cars has pushed major population to use them. However, people face many issues while using these cars. Leakage, crack, and loss of storage capacity of their electric cars batteries are some of them. Generally, while charging these batteries, many fast-charging stations use high resistance and high temperatures. This is one of the key reasons for damage to batteries. A recent research offers a better way to improve the battery life of electric cars.

Unique Technique That Allows Charging at Low Temperatures

Engineers from the University of California, Riverside, stated that they have developed a new method to prevent the battery damage of electric cars. Mihri Ozkan and Cengiz Ozkan led this study. The latest charging method developed in this research is an adaptable system. Basically, this system checks the internal resistance of the battery when it is in charging mode. Moreover, it rests when internal resistance kicks in to avoid loss of charge capacity. While explaining more about the research, Mihri Ozkan stated, “Internal chemical and mechanical damage, capacity loss, and the high heat for every battery are important safety issues. At present, there are around 4,416 lithium-ion batteries in a Tesla Model 3. In addition, this number goes to around 7,104 in Tesla Model S.” This study is open for access in the journal Energy Storage.

Besides, Cengiz Ozkan explained, “Our unconventional adaptive fast charging algorithm decreased capacity fade. Moreover, it eradicated fractures and alterations in the commercial battery cells’ composition.” Thus, inner resistance charging resulted in no damage and considerably lower temperatures. Bo Dong, co-author of this study, stated that the proposed adaptive fast charging offers a new perspective for the design of fast charging technology. As a result, the research will help in improving lifespan and safety performance of batteries used for electric cars.”

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