New AI model to enable robots to work in changing environments


What if robots could adapt their own working methods to solve complex problems? In a new development, researchers at Chalmers University of Technology have developed a new form of AI, which observes human behaviour, and can adapt to perform tasks in a changing environment.

Researchers underpin hope that robots can be flexible to this extent will be able to work along with humans to a much greater degree.

In fact, robots that are developed to work in for human environments need to be adaptable to the fact that humans are unique, and each individual may solve a particular problem in a different way.

Therefore, an important area in robot development is to train them to work along humans in dynamic environments, said the main researcher behind the project.

A simple task of setting a table can be undertaken by humans in several different ways depending on the conditions. If a chair unexpectedly stands comes in the way, we could choose to walk around it or move it. While doing the task, humans alternate between the right hand and left hand, take a pause, and perform any number of unplanned moves.

On the other hand, robots work differently. They need to programmed precisely and require instructions all the way till the end to complete the task. This makes robots very efficient in environments where the approach follows the same pattern such as in factory processing lines.

However, for robots to act successfully in areas such as customer facing roles, they need to be developed to function in more flexible ways.

In fact, it is foreseen robots to accomplish some basic household chores, such as placing kitchen dishes in the sink and set a table, stated one of the research associates.

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