New AI-based tool to help Predict Need of Ventilator for COVID-19 Patients

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In a new development, researchers at Case Western University have created an online tool to help medical staff take quick action for COVID-19 patients. The tool will help the medical staff to determine which patients will need a ventilator to breathe.

Earlier, to develop the tool, in 2020, CT scans of almost 900 COVID-19 patients were diagnosed. This was able to predict the need for ventilator with 84% accuracy.

Importantly, this could help physicians as they plan to care patients, and also their families to know. This could also be important for hospitals to know how many ventilators would be needed. Furthermore, these results are likely to help to examine the computational tools that will be used in hospitals and centers for COVID-19 patients.

If the tool is successful, this would help medical staff to upload digitized images of chest scan on a cloud-based application. For such applications, AI-based tools would analyze and estimate whether a patient would need a ventilator.

Meanwhile, for patients for severe COVID-19, it is required to place them on ventilators to ensure them to be able to take in enough oxygen while breathing.

The tool is gauged to emerge useful with the continued ravage of the pandemic. This is because at the beginning of the pandemic, the number of ventilators required to support patients exceeded available supplies to the extent hospitals had to resort to divide the use of ventilators. In fact, the recent emergence of Delta variant of coronavirus has again led to deficit of ventilators in some parts of the U.S. and other countries.

For hospitals, to decide which patient will receive a ventilator can be gut-wrenching, added the lead researcher.

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