New-age Businesses seek Hi-tech Office Spaces, automation at the Core

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A decade ago, organizations invested heavily to refurbish their office spaces. This included infrastructural upgrades and arranging amenities to add convenience to employees. Also, this aimed to improve office spaces and make them aesthetically attractive for clients and visitors.

Nevertheless, this changed soon. Organizations sought hi-tech business spaces available on rent or on a co-working space model. The advantage was it saved organizations from hefty upfront investments. However, this changed too.  As a result, today, businesses are looking for flexible office spaces that are technology friendly and at the same time offer state-of-the-art amenities.

Differentiated Offerings focus of Business Center Operators amidst Intense Competition

Over the past many years, business centers are in high demand as they offer a hi-tech IT infrastructure. The new-age business centers also offer free and fast Internet that businesses are looking for. However, amidst steep competition, business center operators strive to offer differentiated services. Hence, to make them technology-laden is the focus of business center operators. Automated door locks and app based service bookings are some technology-driven upgrades today offered at business centers.

A closer look reveals, today, business centers are heading towards automation at the core. This is to deliver convenience to their occupants. Today, business centers and co-working spaces have transformed thanks to technology.

A visitor filling personal details manually is now history. At the gate, visitors receive tablets integrated with visitor management software. Business space operators offer this to keep precise and usable record of people visiting the business center.

Smart buildings is the buzz today in the office space industry in India. Business center operators are vying to remodel to IoT-enabled office spaces to serve the new-age customer.

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