NASA’S Spacecraft InSight Lands on Mars to Explore Life

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After the sign of “Touched down confirmed” reported by the NASA’s mission control operator,    cheers and applause sounds erupted from the NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Scientists leap from their seat to embrace each other after the successful launch of the Mars InSight Lander.

Just after the landing, InSight released its first picture from the planet Mars.

The Main motive behind the aircraft landing is to study the interior of the red planet and also unveil the mystery since its formation. The scientists are using the landing for listening to tremors, and quakes or volcanic activity as a way to unveil the red planet mystery. The scientists will also focus on studying the evolution of the red planet since its formation during billion year ago and also study how other neighboring planet like Earth are formed.

The spacecraft appears to be in good place as per the first communication received from the red planet.

NASA is only space organization that is investing in these robotic missions as a first way to explore more in the first Mars-bound human explorer which may happen by 2023.

Scientist to Study Neighboring Planets Closely for Existence of Life Form

As several attempts have been taken by other organization across the globe to touch down Mars with orbiters and rovers, but they fail to be successful. And as per the NASA scrutiny, the planet Mars is hard to understand and they take Mars mission seriously. Moreover, spacecraft was launched from California during May as part of the US$1 billion project.

The principal investigator of InSights also reveals that their main motive is to not only to understand interior walls of Mars, but also to explore the mysterious formation of other adjacent planets. The scientist are also studying why Earth has evolved so differently when compared to Mars.

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