NASA to Collaborate with US Companies to Explore Moon

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After Mars mission, NASA is now set to unveil the future partners for its moon and Mar exploration missions.  The U.S. space agency NASA is now focusing on Moon mission and has recently announced its new collaboration with America-based companies. They are jointly working with the US organization to study scientific scope of Mars and Moon.

NASA took to Tweeter to share the news that very soon the scientists will return to the inner shell of Moon and will study and explore more.

NASA to Send Humans to Discover More about Moon

The US agency discussed about sending scientists on a moon mission in brief in a press conference on Thursday afternoon. NASA also unveiled the name of its partners chosen to send the scientists back to the Moon for the first time in nearly decades. With commercial and global collaboration, NASA will explore and study more about the Moon through the project named ‘Moon to Mars’ mission.

This mission is focused on the Moon’s human exploration. This historical event will happen for the first time after 1972 mission. This time they will explore and leave their footprint and flag on the Moon. This mission will help the world to think beyond their limit and establish a foundation for an ultimate operation to Mars, said the US space agency.

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