Nanodiamond Market Growth Analysis By Manufacturers, Regions, Type And Application, Forecast Analysis

Industry Insights

Nanodiamond Market: Nano-sized Diamond for Lubricating and Abrasion & Coating Applications

  • Nanodiamond, also known as detonation diamonds, are fine particles of diamond having particle size in nanometers. In terms of chemical property and performance, nanodiamonds are completely different from naturally occurring diamonds.
  • Nanodiamond is the composite material that is composed of a diamond core, amorphous carbon layer, and an oxygen functional group. They are commonly used as additives for lubricants, coatings, and abrasives.
  • Nanodiamond is one of the hardest materials with high thermal conductivity. Most manufacturers have invested in research & developmental activities and commercial production of nanodiamonds owing to their excellent mechanical, optical, chemical, and thermal properties.
  • Nanodiamond is manufactured using chemical methods such as chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and detonation. Manufacture of nanodiamond using the detonation method is highly preferred due to the low production cost of the process compared to chemical vapor deposition.
  • Wide range of applications of nanodiamond include precision processing and polishing, polymer compounds, grease & lubrication, drug delivery, bio-imaging, tissue engineering applications, coatings, thermal management, catalysts, and composite materials. The high surface area of nanodiamond and the micro-rough surface particles make nanodiamond ideal for coatings and polishing applications.

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Rise in Demand from Biomedical Industry to Drive Market

  • Rise in demand for nanodiamond in the biomedical sector is considered a key factor driving the global nanodiamond market. High biocompatibility is the key benefit of using nanodiamond in biomedical applications. In the biomedical industry, nanodiamond is employed in applications such as drug delivery, gene therapy, tissue engineering, bio-imaging, and protein isolation.
  • Nanodiamond with unique structure and surface, and high chemical stability, can be used in diverse biological applications such as bio-probes, bio-labeling, and cancer therapeutics. Use of nanodiamond as MRI (Magnetic Resonance Image) contrasting agent is anticipated to boost the demand for nanodiamond in the near future.
  • Biomedical devices made of nanodiamond offer high hardness, chemical inertness, thermal conductivity, and low toxicity. Nanodiamond can be used as coating material for implants and surgery tools.
  • Use of nanodiamond in disease diagnosis applications is also on the rise. Nanodiamond can be used for imaging and tracking of human stem cells. Thus, it can be used in disease detection.
  • Chemical inertness and resistance to photo bleaching are distinct parameters that drive the usage of nanodiamond in the biomedical sector 

Mechanical Applications to Offer Attractive Opportunities

  • Increase in consumption of lubricating oil and grease in the automobile industry is anticipated to offer lucrative opportunities for the nanodiamond market, as it can be used as additives in various lubricating oils. Nanodiamond is able to reduce the frictional coefficient of the coating significantly.
  • Nanodiamond helps in removal of micro-notches and significantly reduces friction. Incorporation of nanodiamond in lubricating oils and greases helps improve power, reduce noise, and decrease exhaust gas emission.
  • Nanodiamond suspensions are highly used in electroplating applications. Use of nanodiamond as the additives in galvanic electrolytes significantly improves mechanical properties of coated surfaces
  • Emerging use of nanodiamond in anti-friction and wear coating applications is likely to provide lucrative opportunities to the nanodiamond market
  • Use of nanodiamond in various polishing compositions such as pastes, gels, and slurries for smooth finishing of gems, ceramics, glass, and silicon wafers is projected to offer opportunities to the nanodiamond market
  • Rise in usage of nanodiamond as reinforcement in rubber, resins, plastics, Teflon, and metals is also estimated to create opportunities for the nanodiamond market

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Rise in Consumption of Substitute Nanomaterials to Hamper Market

  • Nanomaterials such as nano-silica, graphene, carbon nanotubes, fullerenes, and carbon nanohorns are already established in the market and are highly used in mechanical and biomedical applications. Thus, high threat from alternative nanomaterials is expected to restrain the nanodiamond market.
  • Improper functionalization of nanodiamond with coating materials can lead to agglomeration and can negatively affect the mechanical properties of the coatings. This can restrain the expansion of nanodiamond market during the forecast period 

Asia Pacific Projected to Hold Significant Share of Global Nanodiamond Market

  • In terms of region, the global nanodiamond market can be split into five regions: North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa
  • Asia Pacific is anticipated to account for prominent share of the global nanodiamond market owing to the rise in demand for nanodiamonds in biomedical and automotive sectors
  • Significant presence of lubricating oil and grease manufacturers as well as medical OEM manufacturers is anticipated to boost the consumption of nanodiamond in Asia Pacific
  • Increase in demand for lubricants and abrasives owing to the highly attractive automotive and industrial sectors is estimated to fuel the demand for nanodiamond in the region
  • Rise in demand for nanodiamond in applications such as change-transfer catalyst, laser-initiating explosives, sintering compacts, plasma-sprayed metal-diamond coatings, precursors for CVD, and hydrogen power is projected to propel the demand for nanodiamond in Asia Pacific

Key Players in Market

The global nanodiamond market is moderately concentrated, with the top manufacturers accounting for major share. Prominent players operating in the global nanodiamond market seek to enter into partnerships for the development of nanodiamond applications and commercialization of its technology.

Key players operating in the nanodiamond market include:

  • Ray Techniques Ltd
  • Kerridge Commercial Systems Limited
  • Daicel Corporation
  • Adámas Nanotechnologies
  • Columbus NanoWorks Inc
  • NVISION IMAGING Technologies GmbH
  • NanoCarbon Institute Co., Ltd.

Global Nanodiamond Market: Research Scope 

Global Nanodiamond Market, by Application

  • Precision Process & Polishing
  • Polymer Compounds
  • Grease & Lubrication
  • Drug Delivery
  • Bioimaging
  • Tissue Engineering
  • Coatings
  • Thermal management
  • Other (including Composite Materials and Quantum Devices)

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