N95 Respirators Market Step In a New Era of Growth


The N95 respirators market is expected to tread on transformational growth during the forecast period of 2020-2030 with the COVID-19 outbreak as the base of the growth. Panic buying and soaring demand from individuals associated with essential services such as healthcare are some of the recent trends in the N95 respirators market. The N95 designation means that the respirator can block at least 95 percent of minute test particles.

The continuous recommendations from the government for wearing masks while venturing out for safety from the new coronavirus will bring tremendous growth for the N95 respirators market. Based on valve type, the N95 respirators market is classified into a mask with a valve and mask without a valve.

Substantial Government Support and New Collaboration Activities to Bring Good Growth Opportunities for N95 Respirators Market

Overwhelming government support from various means by the government is assisting the N95 respirators market to climb the growth ladder at a faster pace. The invokingof the Defense Production Act by the U.S. Government for meeting the soaring demand of N95 respirators may bring a paradigm shift in the growth rate of the N95 respirators market. In another development, Gujarat, a state in India has announced that the N95 respirators market will be available at more than1600 Amul milk parlors across the state. Such initiatives by the government have the potential of generating good growth across the N95 respirators market.

Rising investments in the N95 respirators market are also good growth indicators. Mubadala Investment Company, a sovereign investor company in Abu Dhabi has announced collaboration between Strata Manufacturing; it’s entirely owned subsidiary and Honeywell International to produce N95 respirators at Strata’s Al Ain manufacturing unit. This collaboration will strengthen the pursuit of meeting the critical demand of N95 respirators as well as boost UAE’s PPE supply chains.

Technologies Penetrating Deep in N95 Respirators Market

Manufacturers in the N95 respirators market are involved in consistent research and development activities to discover new technologies for increasing the efficiency of N95 respirators. For instance, Nanoclean, an Indian startup has come up with N95 masks made from nanofiber technology and has four layers. The nanofiber layer is effective in blocking ultra-fine dust, viruses, and bacteria.

Other developments, such as UV-resistant elastic for N95 respirators to enhance precision, are making strides in the N95 respirators market. A company known as Virushield has also come up with new specially designed medical-grade foam seal called TS-40 which will aid in optimizing the pressure of the straps and hold the mask comfortably. It creates a cushion between the face and paper element, eventually resulting in improving speech transmission through the face mask.

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Huami, a tech company, is in the process of developing an N95 respirator under Project Aeri, whose aim is to develop respirators that allow individuals to reveal their facial expressions and emotions while protecting themselves from the deadly coronavirus. The respirator consists of a built-in UV light-emitter to self-disinfect. This respirator, because of its transparent surface has the ability to overcome face-recognition obstacles. Such advancements have the potential of bringing a revolution in the use of N95 respirators.Eventually, these will result in considerable growth for the N95 respirators market.

Key players involved in the production of N95 respirators are Makrite, Joseph Leslie & Co. LLP, Shanghai Dasheng Health Products Manufacturing Co. Ltd, Jiangsu Teyin Imp &Exp Co. Ltd., and Moldex-Metric Inc.

The COVID-19 outbreak has impacted the U.S. greatly. According to the Worldometer website, there are over 1,570,583 coronavirus cases in the U.S as of May 20, 2020. Thus, North America is predicted to observe maximum demand for N95 respirators across the forecast period.

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