Multi-chamber Blister Pharmaceutical Market: Recent Industry Developments and Growth Strategies Adopted by Players


Multi-chamber blister pharmaceutical system are pharmceutical blisters which enable moisture sensitive products such as drugs, vaccines, diagnostic reactants, and other moisture-sensitive active ingedients to be stored in the same package safely, before being mixed and dispensed. The same allows accurate drug delivery at point of use. Multi-chamber blister pharmaceutical systems provide immense opportunities for the growth of the blister packaging market. One of the key design changes incorporated in multi-chamber blister pharmaceutical systems enables them to allow the same blister chamber to be filled with dry powder along with the active ingredient in one chamber, and liquid in the other. This enables easy mixing of both the components by virtue of a peelable and frangible seal which opens a channel between the two chambers. The significance of multi-chamber blister pharmaceuticallies in  its ability to eliminate the existing risk of damage to sensitive dry medicines, by exposue to various elements such as light, heat, and moisture. Since multi-chamber blister pharmaceuticaloffers a safe and sterile means to deliver an API (Active Pharmaceutcial Ingredient) into the liquid solution in nearly every environment, the potential for expansion in terms of applications are immense for the product. Given below, is a representation of the research methodology used to arrive at the market numbers

The sources which have been used to validate the estimated market size include annual reports of key market players, industry journals & magazines, research papers, and other relevant data available in the public domain. Primary sources referred include focused discussions with C level executives, distributors, independent consultants, and key industry experts, among others.

Global multi-chamber blister pharmaceutical market: Segmentation

The global multi-chamber blister pharmaceutical market has been segmented as follows –

On the basis of material, the global multi-chamber blister pharmaceutical market has been segmented as follows –

  • Polyamide (PA)
  • Polyethylene (PE)
  • Aluminium

*Pricing for the multi-chamber blister pharmaceutical market has been tracked on the basis of material

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The multi-chamber blister pharmaceutical incorporates Amcor’s SafeMix cold form laminate, which enables enhanced protection of sensitive APIs.

Global multi-chamber blister pharmaceutical market: Key Players

Presently, the only player in the multi-chamber blister pharmaceutical is Amcor Limited. The product was developed jointly by Amcor Flexibles, and the machine manufacturer, Rohrer AG.

Key developments & Trends

In April 2017, multi-chamber blister pharmaceutical gained widespread attention after the European Aluminium Foil Association (EAFA) awarded Amcor’s dual-chamber Frangible Formpack Blister with the Alufoil trophy for technical innovation

  • The new multi-chamber blister enhances stability of the drug, and optimizes the supply chain by eliminating the requirement for glass containers and controlled temperatures for storage. Furthermore, the multi-chamber pharmaceutical blister system can also be used for ‘point-of-care’ diagnostic testing in places which lack the necessary resources to set up a complex laboratory facility.
  • The incident is expected to significantly boost the growth of the global multi-chamber blister pharmaceutical system, as more and more companies follow in the footsteps of Amcor. The need for novel ways to transport vaccines and sensitive APIs to remote locations is anticipated to increase preference for multi-chamber blister pharmaceutical system, in the coming years.

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  • The introduction of multi-chamber blister pharmaceutical is also expected to give the pharmaceutical packaging machinery market a new direction. Rohrer AG, a packaging machinery maker which closely worked with Amcor to make the multi-chamber blister pharmaceutical possibility, was able to successfully master the blister sealing process to achieve frangible and light weight seals.
    • The company also used a cost-efficient in-line sterilization process exclusively for the purpose of manufacturing multi-chamber blister pharmaceutical system. This was important as APIs cannot survive sterilization process at a later stage.

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