Motorcycle Battery Market By 2027: Applications, Geographic Regions, Opportunities, Challenges, Drivers


A motorcycle battery stores electrical energy by means of an alterable chemical reaction among the lead and the acid contained in a battery. The market for motorcycle batteries is primarily driven by the demand for two wheelers.

Motorcycle Battery Market – Competitive Landscape

Key players operating in the market for motorcycle battery operate at local and regional level. However, there are global players operating in the market, which include ENERSYS, GS Yuasa International, BS-Battery, and EXIDE INDUSTRIES LTD. Some of other manufacturers are DELTRAN BATTERY TENDER, Chaowei Power, Unibat, Leoch Battery, Tianneng Battery, DYNAVOLT, Johnson Controls, Banner Batteries, Bosch, Southern Batteries, Camel Group, KOYO BATTERY, and Chuanxi Storage.

Manufacturers of the Developing countries such as India, Brazil, and ASEAN countries offers significant opportunity to manufacturers of motorcycle batteries. Manufacturers of the two wheeler components are expanding their presence in Africa, as they view the region as a lucrative market for two wheelers, especially motorcycles. This is primarily due to increasing demand for motorcycles among the people in Africa.

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GS Yuasa International

GS YUASA International was established as holding company in April 2004 after the merger between Japan Storage Battery Co., ltd & Yuasa Corporation. GS YUASA is a leading manufacturer of batteries and has the sales channel across the globe. GS Yuasa International third-largest manufacturer of motorcycle batteries.

GS Yuasa Corporation announced that lithium-ion batteries, manufactured by a subsidiary of GS Yuasa international company, GS Yuasa Technology Ltd, were used in the Epsilon-4 launch vehicle.

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EXIDE INDUSTRIES LTD. is major manufacturer of motorcycle batteries. It is a market leader in various countries such as India. Motorcycle batteries manufactured by Exide comprise the calcium-effect technology, which delivers power performance and can adapt to any road conditions. Other benefits offered by the batteries include the revolutionary Gas Recombination system, which eliminates the loss of water and makes motorcycle batteries totally maintenance-free. Moreover, the design of batteries make them leakage proof, as they have spill-proof design guards. Furthermore, batteries are made from advanced lead-calcium technology, which offers minimal self-discharge; batteries don’t require any refueling, water or electrolyte.

Motorcycle Battery Market Dynamics

Advancement in technology

Components, systems, and technologies used in the automotive industry are evolving at a rapid pace. Penetration of such technologies in two-wheelers is likely to rise at a significant pace at the start of the forecast period, as two wheeler segment of the automotive industry is new to the integration of technological advancements. Semiconductor devices, such as sensors, are used along with the batteries to determine the real-time charging status of the battery. Development in the other semiconductor devices, such as use of super capacitors as motorcycle batteries, is likely to increase the life of conventional batteries. Super capacitors can be used as motorcycle batteries. This advancement are likely to boost to the market of motorcycle batteries.

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