Minor Data Breaches Suffered at Web.com and Register.Com


Minor Data Breaches Suffered at Web.com and Register.Com

Register.com, Web.com, and Network Solutions suffered severe data breaches in August, this year. Data breaches can be crippling for such well-established organizations, and there is a need to contain them. The occurrence of cyberattacks affects functionality of organizations. The number of records compromised suggest monetary losses of victims. All of the three sites published disclosure notices to reveal the occurrence of data breaches. The companies published their respective notices on 16th of October. 2019. The companies assert that external parties gained unauthorized access to their computer networks in August 2019. Furthermore, the result of data breach was loss of key information from the sites’ internal networks.

Embezzlement of Contact Details

Contact details including phone numbers, addresses, and user names have been compromised. Furthermore, the data breach has also affected web hosting products and platforms that were bought by the entities. The companies have been making ardent efforts to restore the integrity of their operations. However, some time lags are bound to happen until consumers resume service. The company resets user passwords as a precautionary measure. It is important for the entities to realize the importance of post data breach practices in this situation. Credit card data remained safe in this.

Road Ahead

This, however, did not lead to loss of consumers’ payment information. Most importantly, customers would need to reset their passwords the next time they login. This step is meant to increase the security of all future transactions made by the users. The data breach is a global lesson for cyber experts and organizations.


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