Microsoft Gives a Demo of Realistic Holographic Replica Speaking Different Languages


It is no more a far-fetched reality to have a reasonably realistic holographic replication of one, but Microsoft just proved that to get that same replication of your’s to speak  different languages is now a plausible option as well.

As per The Verge, an American technology news and media network, Microsoft offered a glimpse of their latest innovation on this while rendering a keynote speech at the Microsoft Inspire partner conference in Las Vegas, on July 17. Tom Warren, senior editor of The Verge, has uploaded a video clip of the demo of the hologram’s language translation abilities on YouTube.

The New Technology Makes Use of Artificial Intelligence

The demonstration of the said technology by Microsoft comprised a HoloLens 2 headset, Azure executive Julia White, and a hologram of White.

White’s hologram started out in the form of a small green shape of a hologram that White herself could grasp in her hand. However, as soon as she spoke two plain words, “render keynote,” that very small hologram started growing into a human-sized, fully rendered copy of White herself. It instantly started delivering the same keynote speech in flawless Japanese and that too in a voice that matched the voice the White’s.

According to the speech, an artificial intelligence technology named Neural Text to Speech or Neural TTS has made this brand new language translation technology a reality.

As observed by The Verge, from the recordings of White’s voice, “a personalized voice signature” was invented and worked upon. It is this very voice signature that enables the hologram of Julia White to sound exactly like her when she speaks flawless Japanese. However, White readily admitted in the keynote speech, that she actually did not speak Japanese.

However, it’s quite doubtful that this latest invention of Microsoft’s hologram replica speaking different languages will be made commercially available in the near future. However, the prospects for its application are quite interesting as it could have profound effects on international business, travel, and communications.

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