Medical Grade Lubricants Market – Understanding Factors of Growth

Industry Insights

Used to make operation of machinery smooth and to reduce noise in equipment, medical grade lubricant is witnessing an upward facing demand curve. It is known for its efficacy in reducing impact of external environmental factors in these machines and tools by plugging in any gaps. Additionally, it is significant to note here that it provides the needed viscous drag to machines while they are motion, reducing issues such as coasting, stick-slip, and backlash.

Over the coming few years, the flooring sector is set to expand, driving the global medical grade lubricant market to further growth.  Besides, as need for diagnostics and therapeutic procedures increases, demand for related medical components will also grow. As lubricants play a critical role in improving productivity by facilitating longer life and seamless operation, they will see an upward facing demand curve. It is also worth noting here that the ongoing pandemic – COVID-19 – is driving sales in the market, by furthering use and demand for medical equipment world over.

Restrains that may hamper growth in the market, stopping it from reaching full potential, are constraints regarding use in otoscopes. Furthermore, devices that penetrate the skin should not be using these lubricants. These are not meant to for venous access – entry into circulatory system should be avoided at all costs.

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Region-wise, North America will be at the forefront of growth, topping the regional charts of the global medical grade lubricants market over the next couple of years owing to presence of significant players and growing prevalence of chronic diseases. So far, six in every ten people have one of the many illnesses that mark the list of chronic diseases. And, four in every ten people have at least 2. Besides, a rapidly ageing population is contributing immensely to the growth of the regional market – one in every ten people to be aged 65 and above by 2050.

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