Meat paste Market – Growing Usage as a Flavoring Agent to Benifits the Industry Growth

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Global Meat Paste Market: Overview

Meat paste is produced by forcing meats such as beef, pork, chicken, and turkey in a ground or pureed form under high pressure so that the edible meat tissues are separated from the bone. It is also often referred to as mechanically recovered, mechanically separated, or mechanically deboned meat. Meat paste finds vast applications across the food industry and is often found in sausages, pasta, and hot dogs. Apart from adding flavor and aroma to the food product, meat paste also works as a good source of protein and is often used in products that have a high protein quotient.

The global demand for meat paste is high owing to its rising usage across a variety of products in the food industry as a source of protein, flavoring agent, and taste enhancer. Rising population of health conscious people across the globe are leading to the increased demand for meat-based products, thus driving the market. The market also benefits from the trend of pet cradle and the increasing uptake of meat paste in animal feed. This report presents a detailed account of the key factors that can drive, restrain, or influence the market in other ways, such as socio-economic trends. Apart from including the present and past growth dynamics of the market, the potential future state of the market is also projected.

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Global Meat Paste Market: Segmentation

For providing a much detailed account of the market, the report segments it on the basis of criteria such as raw material, end-use, and geography. Based on raw material, the report covers the global meat paste market for chicken, dried beef, and Korean pheasant. Beef and chicken paste is used primarily in food products as a way of enhancing the taste and protein quotient of the food items. Thus the demand for these categories is much higher than others.

Based on end-use, the report segments the meat paste market into varieties such as animal feed and human consumption. The demand for meat paste and associated products for human consumption is rising at a promising pace as the uptake of healthy food products, which is high in protein and nutrients, has increased at a promising pace in the recent years and the trend is likely remain strong over the forecast period as well. The animal feed segment is likely to benefit from the rising focus on animal husbandry and the popularizing trend of pet cradle.

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Global Meat paste Market: Regional Outlook

Geographically, the market in Asia Pacific acquires a large share of its revenue from sales across Australia. The North America meat paste earns a large share of its revenue owing to the high consumption in the U.S. Europe is also a highly promising regional market and witnesses high consumption of meat-based products. The region is likely to present healthy demand for meat paste in the next few years as well. The demand for meat paste and related products is also expected to see an upward trajectory in countries such as South Africa, Korea, China, and Saudi Arabia in the next few years owing to the rising demand for protein-rich products.

Global Meat Paste Market: Key Players

Some of the leading players operating in the global meat paste market are Vision Mark Biotech, Asmi International Private Limited, Unilever, Jardox Ltd., Tesco, and Sainsbury’s.

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