Manufacturers of Transparent Barrier Films focus on Incorporation of Advanced Chemistries

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Barrier protection—notably against water vapor and oxygen—is a key criterion of various packaging. Transparent barrier films have attracted attention of packaging industries serving food, electronics, and industrial products verticals. The barrier films they are developing are crucial to extending the life cycle (or the shelf-life) of products or materials that are packaged. Over the past few years, relentless research has been made in the science of the packaging material as well as the manufacturing technologies in use.

Recent efforts by manufacturers, world over, have borne substantial results, evident in the functionality of transparent barrier films made for food packaging. Some other applications that have witnessed rapid developments in transparent barrier films are in the area of packaging flexible electronics, pharmaceutical, and medical components. Growing focus on consumer convenience and functionality is a notable factor propelling the demand for transparent barrier films packaging.

Need for Better Packaging Protection for Organic Electronics drives Demand

Rapid advances have been made in the science of organic electronics world over in recent years. These underpin an exciting frontiers in the global transparent barrier films market. For instance, high-barrier property film materials have gathered steam for making organic light emitting devices. In addition, they are notably being demanded for organic thin-film solar cells. Transparent barrier films used for providing protection to these electronics against water vapor.

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Incorporation of advanced chemistries by manufacturers have led to substantial product advancement in recent years. A case in point would be the use of a novel inorganic-organic hybrid polymer for making high barrier films for organic electronics. Growing focus of filling gaps in long-term stability of these electronic devices is fueling the demand for transparent barrier films. Rising sales of organic light emitting diodes is bolstering the expansion of the global transparent barrier films market. Of note, technology advances are fueling the strides in this direction.

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